Thursday, October 15, 2009

Suspected grenade thief found dead in Tyrena!

Date: 151009
Planet: Corellia
Region: Tyrena

Story: (Written by the Galactic News Agency, Ramona doesn't write IC).

Contrary to some opinions CorSec has not been idle regarding the mystery of the grenade crate that was found a week ago in Doaba Guerfel but their efforts suffered a setback last night when the main suspect in the case, going by the name Affus Ohab, was found slain in the Cantina in Tyrena. According to our information he was shot multiple times in the head and chest with large caliber projectile weapon and left to bleed out to his death. No witnesses are known at this point.

The cantina in Tyrena, Corellia

As records show Affus Ohab, a known underworld figure, was the brother of Nardi Ohab, another well-known criminal who was killed in an execution style murder on Endor in the Science outpost a year ago by an unknown assassin in black Black Sun style bounty hunter armor using a heavy weapon and a droideka, presumably for the bounty worth 85'000 imperial credits placed on him at the time.

The CorSec spokesperson did not comment on whether or not Affus was killed by someone involved in the case to silence him before he could be interrogated by the authorities or if he was killed for other reasons, possibly involving his brother's death. Rumors and speculations abound however.

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